Using write cell to insert data in excel

I am using write cell to insert data in excel there is any I pass the value in one activity that will pass row in excel.right now each will write data in excel so its time taken.As mention in attachment.


You could create a DataTable (Build DataTable activity), add rows to it (“Add Data Row Activity”) and then paste it to the excel (“Write Range” Activity)

sorry did not understand

I need to pass variable in arrayrow,datarow…?

Could you share me your workflow and excel file so I can take a look and show you?

I got it But without build data table why its not working.I am confuse.Because in build Datat table we create header and variable with data type datatable.But in my case column is already created.So I don’t want to create header and for datatable varible I create one var with name of dt and this dt I am passing in add data row.Why its not working…?

Hy @aadi.kaistha

In the ‘Excel Application Scope’, with the ‘Read Range’ Activity, you get a built data table.

Another way, you can use the ‘Build Data Table’ Activity, you can create the data table on the fly, and populate if with variables you can get other way.

The one you are looking for is the first one!

Is it clear for you?

What error message are you getting?