How to write variables into the data table

I am looking to write the data into the data table inside an for each loop.
For each transaction need to update the row with the variable data.

I have used an Build data table activity which i have updated with the required column names.
Now looking for the activity where i can update the column using the cell values
getting the Transaction number in a variable so need to update the cell value using in_Transaction_No + 1

Sample Data table

Please Suggest

Hi @mayankjha986

Use assign activity

Currentrow(“ColumnName”) = Variable

Use Write range activity


@Gokul001 , Thanks for the Answer, But i dont want to use Write range activity every time, I want to update eachrow of an datatable and in the end update the excel column with the values from the datatable

Hi @mayankjha986

  1. Use Build Data Table
    • Declare all the column in the excel file
  2. For Each Row in DataTable
  3. Use Assign Activity.
  4. Add Data Row activity
    • Pass all the column name and values in the ArrayRow


Hi @Gokul001
Is there a way to get this A1 cell value dynamically in Write Range?