Using variable for "Key" in Send HotKey activity

Is there any way in which we can use a variable for the “Key” option in Send HotKey activity?
eg: Send HotKey could be set to ALT + strKey with value of strKey=“OS”

strKey should be defined as a variable and the value for this key should be populated at run time.

After trying the above option the characters in the variable name ie ‘s t r…’ are considered as the key value by UiPath. Instead the value of variable “OS” should be used as the key. How to implement this?

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Did you Try “TypeInto” Activity.

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This requirement is for a DOS based application for selection of different Menu’s based on program logic.

Try this

variableHotKey.xaml (6.1 KB)



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I’m using to store my variable into Set To Clipboard activity.
So I can invoke my variable with Send Hotkey when I have check mark on Ctrl and for key V.

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I was able to enter the variable directly into the ‘Key’ field. Just make sure, in the properties, that the quotes are removed. The variable only displays in the properties, not directly on the activity