How to pass variable into send hotkey

hello all here I have one variable… which having stored values as “11.8” but this is runtime value. I want to pass with sendhotkey.? how it is possible? please help

Hi @dhanashree22 ,

Use type into activity pass your variable+hot key. it will enter the value in the specific field and it perform the hotkey later on. thanks.


Adding to @kirankumar.mahanthi1 don’t use simulate if you are using any hotkey in type into

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yeah you are right for sending hotkeys the application should be in foreground. thanks for adding this point.

There are two ways to pass this value when involved with a hot key

  1. If you want to use send hot key activity then first pass the value you want to a activity named SET TO CLIPBOARD

  2. Then use a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v and indicate the field where you want to enter the value

This is more like copying to the clipboard and pasting the value


  1. If you want to try with option without SEND HOT KEY activity then we can use TYPE INTO activity where indicate the field first and pass the value as
    “Your value” + “[k(enter)]”

Or using tab
“Your value” + “[k(tab)]”

Cheers @dhanashree22

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ty sir

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