Typing on validated text box

Hi Folks, anyone has any clue on how to enter text that is instantly validated. This is in Sharepoint

For example, type ‘email’, it will be validated directly and return the list of possible email addresses. Thus, need to choose before proceed

I tried recorder, managed to enter the text but when saving, the text is not valid.

I also tried sending hotkey variable (using tab and enter), but cannot get the correct timing as well


Could you share an example for that specific textbox type from web?

Never mind, managed to find it eventually. As seems like there are more than one element on that field, need to scrap it few times in order to find it.

Also when using SimulateType, when saving the form, the form unable to detect the full text, so have to use send hotkey ENTER to force the text to be fully visible.

Kudos to UiPath for offering so many way/flexibility in managing the elements !