Using 'UIPath.Excel.Activities' library for the excel file that is open currently

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My AUT is excel add-in, i have to navigate to this plugin in excel and select menus to populate the values in the excel cells.I am using ‘Use Application/Browser’ activity to open the excel application and navigate to the respective plugin and successfully load the data.Once the data is populated i am planning to use ‘UIPath.Excel.Activities’ library to play around with the data in the excel.The problem here is all the excel related activities in UIPath expect a physical excel file path to start with, in my case it is not possible since ill always work through this plugin with the excel file open.I tried capturing the values using UI Explorer which i haven’t succeeded and tedious

Is there any way to use excel library for the excel file which is open instead of reading a file in a particular path? or is there any other approach to follow


Hello @raja.raviraj

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As you have mentioned the data is populated with the plugin. Once the plugin is called and data is generated, what is the difficulty in using the excel file with the path?

Is this plugin not called from a local excel?


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Thanks for the response. I took a while to implement what you have suggested and yes it worked.

  • The moment i connect the excel plugin the data is populated from SAP cloud and by default it is saved as a physical file in a particular path
  • Using the same file and path with the utilization of ‘Use Excel’ i am able to edit the data without closing the file (Please note i can’t close the excel file otherwise my connection to cloud is lost and i have to start over again)

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