Using switch that have in 1 case 3 values

Hi everyone
I have a switch case that can get 10 values, that 3 of them will enter to the same case, Example:
the cases will be: 1, 10, 30, 70, 71, 72, 65, 90, 53, 27. and if I will get 70, 71, 72 - they can enter too the same case (so I won’t need to create 3 more cases for the same option) so in the case check it will search for 70 or 71 or 72.
thank you in advance

Hi @dlichtenstadt

If the values varsstring = 1,10, 30, 70, 71, 65, 90, 53, 27 are stored in a string of array
Then split the values using “,” separator, and use a condition for checking the values are equal then take an assign and create a unique variable value for all those values and pass that to switch activity.
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The “Switch” activity does not allow multiple values per case (VB “select case” allows this).

You could solve this in two ways:
1/ If it will be only one “case” having multiple values you could use the “default” case.
This is most simple but has potential dark side - any other (not explicitly listed) value will be treated as “default”
2/ Create 3 cases and separate processing logic into a workflow - so you do not need to copy the code 3 times
3/ Use “invoke code” to execute VB “select case” to “group” input values. Following “switch” activity could use this “grouped case”

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It’s not in a string array
all the values come from a column in an excel file (each row can have a different value)
and all those in the image are for the same sequence (if I will get one of them it will need to do the same code only for one change inside), and if I will get 70,71,72 - again the same code for all 3 except for one activity inside.
what I did is to save the real value in another variable, and in the “real” variable I entered the value “70” so I would know to enter to that section and inside I will use the real value (that is saved inside the other variable)
can u please elaborate on the invoke code (the third option) it seems like a great idea to know?

Here you have the whole sequence.
1/ In_Value is value from the excel
2/ Out_Value is used in “switch” activity

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