How to add multiple cases with SAME case in Switch Activity

Switch activity does not let me add multiple cases with same case name. I want to invoke 3 workflows (basically websites) with same case name, on the condition that the bot navigates to each website sequentially and extracts some info from each website/workflow.

It’s not a name that you’re entering. It’s the actual value that is compared against the main expression. You can’t have multiple cases with the same value, because that makes no sense. A Switch is not intended for sequential processings. It’s intended to check an expression and perform one set of operations based on the value.

I want the bot to navigate to 3 different websites based on 1 particular value to extract some info- if that info is not found on website 1 then navigate to website 2, if not found again navigate to website 3.


  • Switch case is made to execute only one case at a time based on some condition which is satisfied. In your case you have to execute three workflows based on one condition so I guess its not better to use switch instead you can go for if or flow decision

Also, can you share the condition that you wrote in the switch activity


You can invoke all 3 websites code inside one case only by using Flow chart design. If the value is not found then invoke website 2 else stop it. And so on…

Could you elaborate more on that?

that means you can use flow decision condition in flow chart activity

If switch value = required value , execute the flow chart

inside the flow chart it will be like an if else ladder diagram, checking 1 st website if the value is not there check the second website if the value is not in there too check for 3rd condition