Using Retry Scope without condition. Possible?

Hi guys.

Say that one wanted to build a workflow that contained some activities in the Retry Scope that was retried from the beginning if an application error was thrown due to e.g. not being able to find a selector without having a condition. So the Retry Scope would only be repeated if an application error occurred in one of the activities.

From my own experience I haven’t been able to do this with the retry scope however is there anyone who knows how to do this either with the Retry Scope or something similar.

It could be very relevant when using unstable websites and applications.


The retry scope activity should work without a condition and it will retry the actions in case of an error encountered.

What was your issue when you tried to use it this way?

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Hi @rojan1918,

Yes, you can use a retry without a condition:

I use this as most of my processes require an output, which doesn’t always send.

It may be worth looking at TryCatch blocks instead of retry scopes also

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Additional to Alins Answer have a look on following package as it allows us to have more activities in place that we can use within the condition block:



Hi guys.

Apparently the reason for the Retry Scope not retrying its sequence when an error occurred was due to the json file calling teh GlobalHandler workflow with the line “exceptionHandlerWorkflow”: “GlobalHandler.xaml”, but for some reason the workflow was not in my process folder. This could have been due to me using a previous process where the file was somehow deleted.

Nevertheless when the json file calls it and the file doesn’t exists it does not allow the Retry Scope to retry when an error occurs inside it. I have no answer at the moment for this, but removing the line in the json file solves the problem.

Kind regards Rojan

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