Can we use retry scope without condition

if yes then how we can use and if no then why we cant. Please help me on this. how we can use the retry scope.

Hi we can use Retry without condition. It retries on the base of condition OR On error inside activity

if didn’t given the condition then what will happen

If error occurs in any activity inside retry activity then it will restart from restart from start of the first activity inside retry scope.



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Hi @babita

The retry scope activity can be used without a termination condition, in which case it will retry the activities until no exception occurs (or the provided number of attempts is exceeded). NumberOfRetries - The number of times that the sequence is to be retried.


Yes, you can use the Retry Scope activity without a condition. When you do this, the Retry Scope will retry the activities inside it if an error occurs. The number of retries and the interval between retries are determined by the properties of the Retry Scope activity.

Hope it helps!!

If you dont give condition and activities inside retry scope fails then it automatically does a retry on the activities.

If there is no error it runs normally without a retry.


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