Using Outlook in a loop

I need to send outlook email in a loop with different attachments from using UI clicks.

What is advisable to do
Use application- Outlook
Loop - Attach window? Make

Please suggest. Thanks a lot,


we dont use ui automation to send outlook mails, we use the office package, use the send oulook mail activity



UiAutomation is not the recommended approach to do the stuff mentioned.

It’s always recommended to go with background automation with the activities available.

Kindly let us know the exact challenge of any to help resolve.


if outlook installed in your machine you can outlook activities or use smtp & imap activities

Hello @A_Learner

Is there any specific reason for going with Ui automation for the outlook? If not, you can direclty use the outlook package which is offering by the uipath.You can check the below doc for it.

You can use Send outlook mail message to send the email and you can attach the documents in the activity itself.