Using Orchestrator on Azure/AWS

Hi Team,
I want to explore the possibility of deploying by robot with orchestrator on AWS/Azure.
This is to take advantage of pas-as-per-use feature of Azure.
I don’t want to buy the complete license, rather want to pay only for the time i am using it.
Is such feature available?

You have to contact AWS guys on
Amazon Web Services Sign-In

Just to see if I got it right - are you referring to a licensing model for UiPath, where you don’t license the full robot, but rather pay as you use it, i.e. per hour?

@loginerror yes… you understood it correctly. I am a newbie to RPA.
I want to deploy a robot , which takes maximum 5 mins to do its job. It needs to be executed everyday at same time.
Want to see if i can deploy this using Azure or not, so that we can save the cost.

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I don’t believe that is currently supported. I will save your feedback in our internal ideas tracking tool for further consideration :slight_smile:

As to the current situation, I would advise you to contact our Sales team to check currently available options at:

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@Abhinav_Shah the only supported license models are stated in

The model you are referring to is consumption based licensing which we currently don’t support but we are considering it. I don’t have a timeline now, but we are looking into it.

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