Using new tab when opened from previous tab

Hi All,

I am launching a URL within Chrome and then clicking on a button which launches in a new tab and goes through Single Sign On.
I am having real difficulty using the newly opened tab and interacting with it as it reverts to the original tab and then can’t find the elements.

Does anybody have any advice on this?
I have a ‘Use Application/Browser’ stage initially.

I have tried using a new ‘Use Application/Browser’ activity when the new tab opens but this just opens a new tab, of which it still can’t interact with it.

If you need to open a new tab you can use send hotkey Ctrl + T and to switch between tabs you can use send hotkey Ctrl + Tab

Hello @elliot.barling

  1. Open Initial URL:
  • Use “Open Browser” to launch the initial URL.
  1. Attach to Original Tab:
  • Use “Attach Browser” to interact with elements in the original tab.
  1. Click and New Tab:
  • Use “Click” to open a new tab.
  • Immediately use a new “Attach Browser” for the new tab.
  1. Wait for Element:
  • Use “Wait Element Exists” to ensure new tab elements load.
  1. Interact with New Tab:
  • Interact with elements in the new tab.

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Hi @elliot.barling

If your question is when you are clicking on element on main webpage it was redirecting to another webpage.

If Yes, then use application\browser activity to indicate the second webpage which is redirected page.

Change the Main Webpage use application\browser properties like this.
Open → Always
Close → Never
window attach mode → Application Instance.

Change the redirected webpage use application\browser properties like this.
Open → If Not open
Close → Never
window attach mode → Single window

Check the below image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

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