Newly added/opened tab is not applicable for elements

While working on a Chrome tab 1 after opening it, by clicking some link, the 2nd tab was open. I need to work with some elements in the second tab but they are not recognized. I tried “Attach Browser” but it did not help. Help!~~~

close the previous tab and try to do it!

thanks! but didn’t work. Maybe the webpage is something unavailable for web actions?

you mean you cant select uielements on web page??


you are using Chrome or IE?


try it with IE!

The site requires to be open in Chrome, not IE. It is specifically stated in the site.

This solved the issue. the selector of the 2nd tab was the same. And when I closed the 1st tab and get the selector of 2nd tab and modified it to uniquely refer to the 2nd, it worked.

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