Following redirect when browser automatically opens in new tab

When attempting to click on an element in a newly opened tab, the browser clicks on nothing in the previous tab when it should be clicking in the new tab.

I set this up to click on an element in the original tab which causes a new tab to open automatically, it is expected for the new tab to redirect 2 times. I created a click activity and indicated to click on the correct element in the new tab, yet even with a delay, it decides to click on the previous tab. This may be an issue with my selectors since it refuses to acknowledge the new tab.

Any help would be appreciated!


Welcome to uipath forum

When you are trying to click on a button in new tab make sure you have used ATTACH BROWSER activity and indicate that nee browser tab as a element and then inside that use the click activity to click on any button in that new tab

Cheers @Wenfong