Using innertext innerhtml - how?

I have a table:

I want to click edit in the same row as a specific value of email.

I create an Anchor base, drop a FindElement and use indicate on screen.

The result is an edit selector:

The element is found

Now I want to find the element from the content (not the position)…so I change it into

I have also tried using innerhtml, but now I can’t find the anchor element.

Can you try Click OCR text in this scenario instead of anchor @MichaelOlsen? Please let me know the result

What do you mean? I need the anchor so that I kan click on the appropiate edit-link to the rigth?

Yeah got it, I understand the question wrongly @MichaelOlsen

Not sure about the inner HTML, but you can send the number as 8 to find the 8th element. But this won’t help you in your case

Yes, I need to find the element using the text it contains…my input is an email-adress.

From where ? you are getting that specific value of email?

I assume that you are giving input a string which is “Email” right?

Then use get text of email field and use dynamic selectors (use row number of the table) to iterate all the emails and compare each get text results with the string “Email” you were given.if matched in then part give click edit with dynamic selector with same row number.

Hope this helps,

If possible share the link of that table you have.


Thanx…but in the real application I have more than 1400 rows - I thought my approach would be more effective. I have been playing with another more simple simple robotics tool (Leapwork) and there it was possibel to finde the row (by using find TR which contains a specific text) and then pass the element found (the TR) to another search lokking for e.g. a link.
I get the emails from an Excel sheet.

So why can’t I search for the Innertext…is it not supported or am I doing it wrong?

OH fine!!! I hope that this process also work(Using innerText)!!!

Can you give me the link to this webpage ?

Hi Michael, did you get this resolved?

I have a similar issue where I want to use innerhtml to have the bot select the result option that has the matching email address (variable).
Something like: *<br>{{email}}* where <br> is static and between the first wildcard and the email variable.

I want to include
as such so that if it’s looking for, it will select that exact one only and NOT just because that also contains “”

  1. Read table to data table
  2. Add line numbers to data table
  3. Filter data table for your email
  4. Click to line number with line number as variable in selektor.