Issue with my Anchor Base


Hi I have this table which is part of an application. I wish to extract the corresponding entries to the text i.e. the phone number email etc.
I have used anchor base and find element for both the main telephone number and the email address but they keep timing out with element not found.

Am I missing something or this just a feature of the table i am trying to extract from


Try switching those, check below documentation

Hope this may help you


HI Srini

I had already explored these options, has not resolved my issue, I believe its the make up of the grid which is causing the problem as I think there is no unique Identifier apart frm an index which looks to be variable

Hi @ieptus

Have you checked DataExtraction option helps or extracting the value using Find Children activity with Rowvalue attribute


HI Boopathi

No I haven’t tried those, will take a look when I can get onto the system,

Thank you

So I resolved the issue by using the screen scraping option and enabling the ui automation. This than gave a css class with an index which I could then use to determine the row in the table

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