Using Http Request cannot add Password in parameter

Hello Everyone,

I use Http Request and Name of Parameter contain Password. But Simple Authentication also has Password attribute. So, I cannot add Password name to Parameter collections. How to solve this problem?Capture1


Hi @sithulinhtut,
I’m not quite sure what is the problem. Can you please describe step-by-step what you are trying to do with HTTP Request? :slight_smile:

Hi, @Pablito thanks for your reply.

Now I show my error message.

The error message is
A variable, RuntimeArgument or a DelegateArgument already exists with the name ‘Password’. Names must be unique with an environment scope.

But in my parameter I need to add Password Name Parameter.

So, How to solve this Problem ??


Ok, so here is the problem. One of the HTTP Request attribute is also named “Password”, so you can’t name your parameter with this name. There must be the way you could use different name.

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