Soap request password field name issue

Hi Team,

I have a question about soap request, calling web api and in soap request url fetch information like a form and in form password field alreday available so I just put the user password in password filed but I get the following error.

A variable, RuntimeArgument or a DelegateArgument already exists with the name ‘Password’. Names must be unique within an environment scope.

Please assist on the same


I guess there are two password variables you created…check the same…Also try not to use password as variable name instead use something else …it might be conflicting


Hi ,

Not creating other password var only one password field is available if i change the password var name following error occurs:

Error value (null) to type system.guid in line 1.


Can you show what you are trying to do…That might give more details

And try running in debug and then check the error details from the locals panel


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