Http Request Password field name problem

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I have a question about HTTP Request. I have to send the password as a parameter on every request.
When I add the password as a parameter, I get the following error.

Flowchart.xaml: A variable, RuntimeArgument or a DelegateArgument already exists with the name ‘Password’. Names must be unique within an environment scope.


Is your Parameter name variable actually ‘Password’? This is a restricted name as it clashes with a reserved name within the environment scope. Try changing the name.

The API only accepts the parameter name as Password.

if your API works outside of using the http request activity, then consider not using it, cause a parameter like that may really have a problem as it is a reserved property name of it…

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Check your code , variable declare will be some issue you have define several variables in scope

Http request requires Password information for simple authentication. But the API does not support it.

Dont create local variables with same reserved names, instead of using for example “Result” create like “varResult”, “varPassword” and so on…

It is not local variable.

As an example, we can see in your screenshot a local variable with the name “Response” and that is better to be avoided so it wont cause problems for you…