Using Hover on Studio X

I can’t seem to figure out how the hover activity works on studio x. Has anyone tried this?

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Hello Megan,

Please refer to the tutorial on how to use Application Card UI Automation and how to use the hover activity

The TLDR of it all could be summarized as such : Create a new project , add an application card , use indicate inside the the application card in order to indicate the target application and then add a hover activity and of course use the indicate target inside the hover activity to indicate the element that you want to hover over :slight_smile:

Also I added a small example that would hover over one of the buttons present in Office365 Excel ribbon (79.9 KB)


Thanks. I tried opening the example, but I get an error saying the project is incompatible with StudioX profile.

Also, after I use hover, how do I “click” on the drop down that occurs when hovering? I add a click activity after hover, but when I indicate target, it doesn’t allow me to pick the item I want on the drop down after the hover.

Hello, I have to ask what version of Studio are you using :slight_smile: Because i think I created the workflow with an unreleased version :smiley:

Also I managed to automated the described behavior using 2 clicks on the following test page : How To Create a Hoverable Dropdown Menu

It looks like I’m on studio 2019.10.1 The update channel is on Stable