Hover activity selector is not working every time I run the project, I have 100 elements to hover, it works sometimes for first 51 element sometimes for first 32 elements and sometimes for first 3 elements and so on

Hi everyone,

I am automating the process on Spotify which is searching for 100 songs one by one and adding each song to a new playlist by the artist name.

1-Reding an excel file which contains the songs names and artists names
2-Searching for the song name and artist name on Spotify
3-Hovering on the song name (need to hover on the song for the options button to appear)
4-Clicking on the “options” button (three dots button)
5-Clicking on “add to playlist” button
6-Clicking on “new playlist” button
7-Write the playlist name
8-Click “create” button

What I notice that when the robot reach for example the song 32 or song 51 it is not hovering (Step 3) and not clicking on the three dots button (Step 4) but it is throwing an error related to click activity for clicking on “add playlist” button (Step 5)

Error (click activity of step 5)
Screenshot (17)

Selector of Hover activity (step 3) :

Selector of Click activity (Step 4) :

Selector of Click activity (Step 5) :

Hope you anyone can help


@alkhalil - It could be a slow response in loading the popup when robot performing the hover action.
You can try to add few properties like waitforready as complete and delay after (1000) (it will wait till the hover popup appear)
also add Element Exists activity before performing the click → it will help you to minimize the click errors.

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Thanks a lot @GBK

Everything works fine now

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