Using Get Text Activity On Reading a PDF does not extract the real information from PDF

Hi All ,
Iam trying to extract a single piece of information from PDF using Anchor Activity , The anchor used is Find Element and Action to it is Get Text relative to the elemnt next to it

When i Try to Get the Text on a message box the output is “AVFlipContainerView” .

I have done the following :
Changed the Preference setting inAcrobat Reader DC it didnt work ,
Tried another activity Screen Scrappig it gives the desirable ouput .

Can anyone tell why Get Text is not giving appropriate result .

Hi @Tanushri,

Can you provide the pdf file and let us know how you are performing this action and what you want to extract.

Can you use relative scraping from web recording which is under Text , scrape and relative scraping and see the output.

Try to use Get PDF Text or Get OCR Text

Thanks and best of luck!