Anchor Base activity with Find Image Activity and Get Text Activity not working properly


So I am using the Anchor Base activity to retrieve text from a PDF file. In the anchor section I used a Find Image activity, and for the action section I used a Get Text activity and stored the output in a variable named “CreditValue”. Then, I used a Message Box to display the “CreditValue” variable. But instead of the credit value that I indicated on screen in the Get Text activity the message box displays the image text from the anchor. Any ideas why?


Hi @tarau_bianca

Did you indicate the number cell in the get text activity?

And may I know y are you using image ?


Yes, I did indicate the number cell.
I am using Find Image as a exercise. It should work, accordingly to the video tutorial I am following.

Hi @tarau_bianca

Can you indicate credit with full cell. And also also the second value you are trying to can you show the selector what it found


I tried to grab the full cell of the credit but now it indicates the value above the credit value. So I grabbed a little less of the cell, like a quarter of it, and it worked! I guess the portion I selected initially wasn’t reliable enough.

Thank you!

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