Using Existing Connection for Terminal Session

I have a terminal session I’d like to continue, but want to break it into a separate process.

"{'AttachExisting':false,'ConnectionProtocol':0,'ConnectionType':2,'EhllBasicMode':false,'EhllDll':'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\IBM\\ClientSolutions\\Start_Programs\\Windows_i386-32\\pcshll32.dll','EhllEnhanced':true,'EhllFunction':'hllapi','EhllSession':'A','EnableSSL':false,'Host':null,'InProcessMode':false,'Mode':1,'Port':23,'Profile':null,'ProviderType':4,'ShowTerminal':true,'TerminalModel':0,'TerminalType':0}"

Which goes into a argument in the next process


However the session in the next process is not continued, and it errors as follows

Have I failed to use these inputs and outputs properly?

Thanks for any help

You should switch to Direct Connection. UiPath has its own terminal client, and it’s much simpler and more reliable than using a third party client.

You have to put varSession into the value for the next process’ argument. Session - In - TerminalConnection - value (where it says Enter a VB expression)

I appreciate the insight here, I agree that the session can’t be continued in a third party emulator.

Session is an in argument to the workflow, the varSession is specified within Invoke Process to be sent into the argument.

Oh I thought the screenshot was from the Invoke’s parameters.

I would expect that you can, but haven’t used third party in a long time. Is the third party client closing after the first Terminal Session completes?

Oh, is your Invoke Process inside the original Terminal Session activity? varSession doesn’t get populated by the original Terminal Session activity until that activity completes. varSession won’t be available to anything within the original Terminal Session activity.

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