Reuse Terminal Sessions

I am using a terminal connection to connect to IBM Personal Comm. For each screen, we were advised to use separate xaml file and then invoke one in the other. But when we create an argument to pass the existing connection, we are getting the error message “No Connection found”. Can someone Help?

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I have passed the connection of the terminal session as argument between the phases of the project in different .xaml and didnt get any problem.

  • Have you deleted the other info of the properties while you put an existing connection?
  • Have you uncheck the “CloseConnection” property?
  • Are you taking an output connection when you start your first Session Connection?
  • Is the out argument type “TerminalConnection”?
  • Is the in argument type “TerminalConnection”?

Dont know how to help… was easy and worked fine for me

I am having this same issue with terminal sessions since upgrading to UIPath Studio 2018.3.2.