How to reuse Terminal Connection

OutputConnection: optional, one may specify an output variable (of type TerminalConnection) in order to be used later in other terminal sessions.

How to use terminal connection in another workflow.
i have created a variable in outconnection and passed it to existingconnection of another terminal but its not working, any help on these??

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What does the error say and do you have any screenshots? As far as if there is a problem with UiPath passing Terminal session variables as arguments, that I am not sure about. But, if it’s an issue with your code maybe I can help.

If terminal variables indeed can not be passed, then a workaround is to pass the connectionstring as a string. You can pass that by doing terminalVariable.ConnectionString


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Hi Claytonm,

then a workaround is to pass the connectionstring as a string. You can pass that by doing terminalVariable.ConnectionString
Can you brief on these topic with example if possible.


These the error which i am getting i have tried to pass the out connection variable to workflow but its not working.

“message”: “Terminal Session Faulted”,
“level”: “Verbose”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “09:13:46”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.6659.21423”,
“fileName”: “Terminal_1StepLogin”,
“jobId”: “7200e74e-7a0e-4abc-bd91-b649b8abc029”,
“robotName”: “CSCADMIN”,
“activityInfo”: {
“DisplayName”: “Terminal Session”,
“State”: “Faulted”,
“Activity”: “UiPath.Terminal.Activities.TerminalSession”,
“Arguments”: {
“ConnectionString”: “”,
“DelayMS”: “1000”,
“TimeoutMS”: “50000”,
“ExistingConnection”: “”,
“ContinueOnError”: “False”,
“OutputConnection”: “”

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From the error, it shows that your ConnectionString is empty. Make sure you have set the right properties for your connection. If you are passing terminalVariable.ConnectionString as an Argument to a string variable in your workflow, you will need to place that variable in the ConnectionString property shown in the below screenshot:

Hope that helps.


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Hi ClaytonM,

Thanks for guidance ,as i have problem with passing my existing connection to another terminal through a variable using existing connection property.

But finally i have successfully passed the existing connection to other terminal session :slight_smile:

Can you please help me how did you pass existing session to invoked workflow.
I am having similar issue and i am not able to resolve it.

Hi @Nilesh

At the first terminal session it will creat a connection string then you can create a variable for output connection property in that connection and make use of the variable when ever you are passing the connection.



Hi @balu
How did you achieve to pass existing connection to other workflow?

In my case OutputConnection variable comes null so I can not pass it to other workflows. Do you mean using both output connection variable and connection string together?

@RSalamow yes at first you need to provide connection string and create a variable in output connection property, next where ever u need these connection u can pass this variable to existing connection property.


@balu I somehow have the same issue as @RSalamow.

I establish a connection in Main.xaml, and then i create a variable within OutputConnection. This variable is passed to an argument (another .xaml) where I want to continue the proces within the same terminal session. So the argument is inserted into ExistingConnection.

But when the robot comes to execute the terminal activities, I get the error: Terminal Session: No connection specified

Note that the CloseConnection is checked by default :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Link to documentation