Using excel file to read then add to excel Template


I need to read an excel file with 000s of data and add specific data to an excel file that is used as a template.

For example, the template looks like below

Then I have to add make 52 (weeks) of these templates in one excel.

Do I create a Datatable or Forms? I’m still super new with Uipath and trying to understand the best way.



You can achieve it using datatable.

  1. Read it and store it in datatable,
  2. Write that datatable in your template which it already made for this data.

Thanks @Pankaj.Patil . How do I Write the datatable to the template like above?

For example

All fonts in red and yellow cells are dynamic and change constantly based on the excel data.

Appreciate your help. TIA!

We ended up using vba macro to solve the query. Cheers

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