Excel Compilation

I have an Excel File Template with 4 sheets inside.
In Uipath I have a process with 4 different steps. It starts from step one, where it extracts data that are to be filled the first sheet, then proceed to the second step and fill the retrieved data in the second sheet of the excel file and so on.
My question is how to manage the compilation of the excel file. Do I have to create a data table before saving it into the excel file? If so, how? Or are they other methods?
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The best way to handle reading and writing to Excel documents is by using datatables. Any other method would require writing a process to open excel and write data on screen, which will be slower and more difficult to code for.

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Ok, but I have a problem.
In each step of the process, I have to process more than 500 data, if during the compilation of the data table a problem occur and I’m stopped at data 300, How am I going to retrieved the previous data written into the data table? If yes How do I retrieved them?
I’m preoccupied, could someone one give me a hint ?
Thanks in advance

The simplest way is to store your data in Orchestrator queues. This will keep the data even if only part of it is processed. However, it is more stable to couple this with an REFramework for a Dispatcher to load the data to the queues and a Performer which reads the data from the queues. This is a fairly in-depth topic, and I recommend going to academy.uipath.com to learn more about the REFramework and the Dispatcher/Performer model.

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