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I have a process where data from one Excel file is copied into another, which is a read-only template. Once the data is written to the template, I want to save the template as another file. How would I do that in UiPath?

After copy the the data into read only template.Move or copy the read only excel to another location.

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Since the File is Readonly File - You won’t be able to Save the Changes in the Template File.

Steps to Follow :

  1. Take and Excel application Scope
  2. Read the Template sheet.
    3.Paste the Data.
    4.Take a click Activity : Click on File inside Excel
    5.Take a Click : click on SaveAs
  3. Specify the New FilePath where File has to be Saved.
    7.Click SAVE.

So here , we are telling the Bot to save as the File the way we do manually - we are mimicking the human steps.


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Thank you, Robot Master Mukesh! :smiley:

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