Using DOS command (copy, xcopy) in remote server to copy file to diff folder in window

I have tried to copy file to another folder in remote server and it worked. But using files explorer it may copy unnecessary files (e.g copy abc.txt but it will copy those abc*.txt too) and the replacing files will take a long time.

Thinking to using DOS command to do this task to cut down timing and to prevent of copying wrong files too.

May I know what shall I do as never use DOS command in uipath ?

Thank you!

Hi :slight_smile:
Any experts can advise? Thank you.

Hey @jojo123,

Do you want to execute the DOS commands using the windows command prompt?

yes in the remote server. Thinking to use dos command .

If you can run the process in the foreground, open the command prompt application using the Start Process/Open Application activity.
Attach the command prompt window and use the Type Into activity to type and execute the required commands.

Alternatively, If you want to execute the commands in the background, you can try out this custom activity.

Provide the command to be executed as the input.

Just make sure that you have the required privileges to execute the commands.


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