URGENT_Unable to deserailise XML

Add a + between Value and "Answer: "

Done but i got another error.

Make sure that the variable is available at the message box level.

Which variable? All variables are already declared.
The expression in step 4, does it have any new variables?


My task is to just extract a reference no from an xml. Not question : answer type.
Can you tell what changes i need to make in my expression ?

done as mentioned…
Error again

Shouldn’t DeserializeStrConfig be the output of Deserialize XML?

Done as said.

In the variables panel, chance it’s type from string to System.XML.Linq.XDocument

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After that got error


That means that your XMLString is invalid.

How to check the validity / confirm its invalid …is there any online method to validate xml ?

XML string is invalid , means the source XML is also invalid?

Depends. Are you doing any processing before using deserialize?
Check your XML with this: https://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_validator.asp .
Or if you don’t want to use external websites, surround your code within a try catch, and if there is an error, it might be caused by an invalid XML.

ok i have used this site and corrected the XML
Got error


Are you sure that the XML has the nodes “eservice” - > “field” -> “question”/“answer” ?

No it doesn`t have.Oops I did not realise, these were node names.My bad.

ok i need to extract

< ShippingReference > 3466BFE8555566AB-4COIPOEB-EERTRR911-ERTERRETT8155166F6-0053453556075676787787032888865RTYRTF
< /ShippingReference >

What should be my expression instead???

Please check Reading XML file using Deserialize XML activity