Using Data Scraping in Linkedin

Hi Y’all.

I am trying to scrape as much information as possible from a Search to export it in CSV.
How can I extract the first name and the last name separated like it is registered on Linkedin?

Thank you

Are you iterating over LinkedIn profiles and try to get the name etc.? Can you elaborate more?

In my opinion, you can work with modified selectors:

For example, for full name, you can use selector:

(Replace *.exe with your browser, i.e. chrome etc.)

<html app='*.exe' />
<webctrl tag='H1' class='text-heading*' />
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Hi @Josemanuel,

In Linkedin, the namespace is read in one go. You can read and split by space. You mark the last index as the last name, and the rest becomes the name.



@Josemanuel Can you share the screenshot of what you wan to extract

why you scrapping data from linkedin?

is it legal? which organization telling that to do?

Hello @Josemanuel

It would be better if you can explain your requirement with the screenshot and the output file format.?

If it is of pattern based data then you can use Table extraction to achieve this requirement. But need to understand the full requirement from you.

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