Using Computer Vision with a Virtual Fileroom

I am new to UIPath and I have a repetitive task, I would like to use UI Path to complete.

  1. I am working in a Remote Desktop environment List item
  2. I have a virtual fileroom
  3. I have hundreds of pdf files that I want to file in specific client folders

How can I use UI Path to create an automated process that will search for the appropriate client, open a specific year folder and file the pdf document. Once the document is filed, I want to delete from my local file folder.

You can use the Record Desktop functionality of UiPath to begin the process. Once recording is done, you will have several activities that the bot will perform. You will need to delete the file using the Delete File activity. This part is not recorded and will have to be added manually.

As for the part about the specific year, if the year will not vary for the process, deleting the file is all you’ll need to add outside of recording. Otherwise, we need to know how you’re determining which year you’re choosing.

Lastly, since this process may become more cumbersome, I recommend going to to learn more about UiPath automation. After completing the courses on using the software, use of UiPath Studio will come much more easily.

Does the Record Desktop functionality work in a Remote Desktop environment? I do not need the bot to run unattended, would be nice but not necessary

If it’s a Citrix environment, there is a choice to have it record Citrix actions. Otherwise, automation of the remote screen will require further knowledge of UiPath.

Thanks I have been through the academy but will run through it again, I didn’t see anything pertaining to this issue. Thanks

If we can login to that rdp server with Remote Dekstop Connection wizard then it’s very easy

That is use uipath activities as follows
—From being in your local machine with studios use a SEND HOT KEY Activity with key as win+r
—thenuse type into activity with input as mstsc
—now use a type into activity which will type username and password of the rdp server
—then it will open the rdp server
To ensure that it is set to full screen use a activity called MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity next to the above type into activity

—then we can use activities like assign activity or any other activity we want to get the files from a folder like this
arr_filepath = Directory.GetFiles(“yourfolderpath”)

Then a for each activity with above variable as input

Or if we want to use Front end UI of Citrix environment
We can either use IMAGE BASED automation

With COMPUTER VISION activities

Or even if possible with CITRIX EXTENSION installed with the server and if installed we will be able to access each and every element in Citrix as a individual element

Cheers @reniauibotic

thank you so much for your response. Unfortunately, I was only successful in opening the RD, I am going back to the academy to learn more about variables and activities. you made it sound simple but I keep getting an error on the arr_filepath when I try to have it search my directory. I am sure to reach back out to you but i feel i have so much more to learn. Thanks again