How to Record Remote Desktop Computer

I have UIPath in my system and the application which is to be automated is in Remote Desktop Computer.

How can i automate the application in Remote Desktop by using UIPath.

There is an option called Citrix automation,by using this i am opening the application which is in my desktop screen.But the problem is(suppose if the application is in first place in the desktop screen while i am automating,all done the recording is successful.Then i moved the application from first place to third place in desktop screen and i placed some other application in that first place.
Noe i started running my script, it is opening the application which i placed as the first one in desktop screen,actually i moved the recorded application from first to third).

Is there any solution for it.

use dynamic selectors to select required application

I’m not sure if I understood your problem, but I work in citrix and I have several Remote desktops, and in each one I have installed uipath.