Citrix environment 1

Hi how can we work with Citrix application when Uipath studio is also located on Citrix environment

Hi @jagadeesh7,
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Actually, Citrix is used to automate Remote machine/ Virtual machine where UiPath studio is not installed.
In your case studio is already there, so you can easily automate using desktop/web recorder.


Hi @jagadeesh7

Follow below steps:

  1. send hot key Win + r
  2. Then type ''mstsc" and enter using TypeInto activity
  3. Enter server credentials for logging into server.
  4. once logging into server, use Citrix Automation or Computer Vision Scope activity to automate application.

After open RDP before enter credentials please click->show Options->go to Local Resource tab->change Apply Windows Key combinations enter On the remote computer and save.
After try Win+r in rdp it will work.


Kommi Jeevan.