Using Community Cloud for more than one project

Hello everybody,
I have to find out, if we have to can use the community edition of UIPath or if we have to use the enterprise version.

We are going to have some POC with customers, to decide if the customer wants RPA or not. In case customer wants RPA, he has to buy the enterprise version.

For a POC the community edition gives us enough robots and opportunities.
The main question is, after I used the three robots for a POC, can I “reset” the whole project and start again with a new POC or are those robots wasted?

Thank you and best regards


Welcome to our uipath community.

With Community cloud we will get 2 Attended BOTS and 1 Unattended BOT. If you want more licenses then you can purchase it.

And also you can use same BOT to run new developed process also.

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