Using "click" with multiple valid text anchors

I’m completely new to UIPath, just started learning about it last week… I have a question about how the settings on anchors/click points works. I want my task to find text in a table on a website, and then select the hyperlink that is always a set distance away from the text.

I understand that I’m able to go into the cog wheel on the anchor/click points and change the specific text the anchor is looking for, but it seems to not like it when I make the text more vague because more target options come up. The idea is that I want it to anchor to the first instance of “Summit Ops Monitor” it finds, and then select the INC####### that is directly to the left, regardless of the INC####### changing. (So I changed the click text to just “INC”) I realize that changes to make the selection/anchor more vague gives UIPath too many options for a selection, but the point is that I want it to recognize all of the anchors as valid, but select each anchor one at a time. (The idea being that when my task is repeated, eventually it will find 0 instances of “Summit Ops Monitor” and it will finish.)

I have to imagine there’s a more elegant way to do this, but I didn’t find any common scenarios that seemed to fit the bill, like “search for text” or something like that. (At least within a browser)

Any thoughts?

Hi @Joey_Sawyers

The idea is to have 2 or more UiExplorers where you can compare the selectors values for 2 different rows. By examining the selectors it will give you an idea of what attributes you can use to correctly identified the fields you want to click.

  1. examine the selectors for column Short description of first row and second row
  2. examine the selectors for column Number of first row and second row
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Hi @Joey_Sawyers ,

Instead of doing it with anchor better to scrape the table and then pick the text on the basis of condition.


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