Editing a selector


Is it possible to set an anchor text as a selector not the link text?

I have a table on a web page which has a lot of links in it. I data scraped the table and got the anchor texts as a variable.

One of the anchor texts has very long anchor text so it doesn’t show it all, it becomes like ‘AnchorTex…’.

I set the anchor text as a selector ‘aaname’ and tried to make my robot to click it, however it ended up finding the anchor text and the UI element which should’ve been clicked were different.

The selector : ‘AnchorTex…’
UI element : ‘AnchorText’

What I tried so far,
If the anchor text contains ‘…’ then substring it to be ‘Anchor’ and set ‘Anchor’ as the selector but it didn’t work. I wondered if it’s possible to click a part of anchor text.

Could you help me to resolve this?

Hi @9e389f79ff1549b677ac,
Ui Explorer never shows the long text values, if you stored the element in variable, you could use get attribute activity to get the whole text.

For your scenario, you can use “find children” activity, and set filter as per your need

Reference :