Using browser in a loop error

Hello guys. I have a simple question I think, but its confusing for me.
I need to write a workflow that takes codes from excel, writes them into my companies webpage search on a loop. But the problem is that when I indicate with “Use application/browser” activity on which page to work, it works one time, and then it crashes. How to go around that?

Hi @Povilas_Jonikas ,

We would need to further understand what is meant by “Crashes” for your case, If you could maybe elaborate on what happens we could provide better responses.

Do you want to open browser only once or everytime that you want to search please make it clear and if possible share your requirement with code clearly

can u tell us with what exception it is getting crashed when it comes to loop @Povilas_Jonikas

Yeah, so put the Browser url to the main page of the website. Then after that it goes and inserts a code into searchbar and presses enter. After that the website moves on to a different page from the one that I inputed into “Browser url” field. When the second code is needed to be inserted to the search bar, i get an error

`Use Browser Chrome: Atšvaitas į priekinį bamperį - zvw1609r | Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

The closest matches found are:
[69%] `

The URL that the workflow stars with:

This is the search bar:

It types the code into it, presses enter and goes to the page where there is a car part with the code.

After it went there and done some things i want the workflow to continue typing the next codes from excel to the same search bar, but i get a selectors error

EDIT: The search bar stays in the same position every time

when different page is loaded the parameters and selector may change for the search bar please share selector of search bar and error details

Fuzzy selector of the search bar is: <webctrl id=‘search-field’ tag=‘INPUT’ type=‘text’ class=‘‘aaname=’’ />"

Window selecor: <html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Signeda – autodalys internetu, auto dalys’ / >

if it is possible share your workflow so that will modify and send you

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Yes, just give me a minute :slight_smile:


Any updates on this topic @Usha_Jyothi or anyone else?

The problem is that after inputing the code to search bar and going to a different webpage url, when the Use application/browser tries to work for the second time it crashes, because the URL that the robot is in changed and doesnt match the url that is given in the Use app/browser activity

You shouldn’t have the Use Application/Browser inside the loop. The loop should be inside the Use Application/Browser.

  • Use Excel
    ** Read Range or however you’re getting the data
  • Use Application/Browser
    ** For Each Row in Data Table
    *** Steps to enter the data into the web page
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Thanks for the answer @postwick , but you see, i use a paralel activity where I need to open 2 different url’s at the same time and excecute some activities in it. Is it possible by using it outside the loop?

Why are you trying to do two different things in the browser at the same time?

Its the whole point of the workflow. I need to open 2 different pages, insert the same codes an compare the merchandise. Then the dialog box comes up and does specific actions if they are the same, if they not and ect.

That doesn’t mean you have to do both things at the same time. Open one page, get the data, store it in a variable, navigate to the next page, get the data, store it in a variable, compare the data.