User cases for Non-production robot / testing robot

I do not understand the practical use of non-production robot and testing robot, can somebody tell me how and when to use them?

This becomes even more puzzling when it is clear that production, testing and development orchestrator generally do not even share the same server and all are set up on their own.

Then what is the point of non-production robot? Testing Robot?

Adding to this, what is the point of defining a studio robot?

Hi, I would love to add also my request to clarify few things about Non-Production robots and its purpose. The documentation ( According to License ) says that Non-Production robot Can execute in unattended mode for development purposes only.

Does it mean that in scenario where we have 3 tenants of Orchestrator like Development - Testing - Production we use these robots for the Testing layer (to test the automation on test applications unattended and perform UAT)? Is that the scenario?

Or what defines a non-production use? Is it more sort of “fair-play” game not to use this license on production data (because - how would you (orchestrator) know if the layer works with production or testing data?)

What are other limitations of Non-Production licensed robot other than it cannot run Test Cases?

Thank you
your always curious Roman Hruska


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I believe the non-production licenses are the ones you use when you want to debug things without the need to spend the production licenses that might be busy doing actual work.