Use username and password for Orchestrator API Authentication

I want to use Username and password instead of user key( as it is not static). Currently using cloud orchestrator.

AFAICR username/password only works with on-premise orchestrator.

@moenk thanks for reaching out.
yes, i searched it and found same result online, but still wanted to check if someone have any other way in which it can be done, like it was possible in older versions.

Maybe you describe what you want to achieve and there is another solution.

In documentation, body for authentication request is given as following
“grant_type”: “refresh_token”,
“client_id”: “{{clientId}}”,
“refresh_token”: “{{userKey}}”

can we use password as grant_type, this way we can give user name and password in request?
i tried few things out but it was not working.

We are working on creating scripts and process to automate Orchestrator control and also on interface that can ease control over operations in orchestrator.
User key makes it quite difficult as it is not static. when using username password, we don’t have to retrieve them each time.