Use the If activity to work around selector not found issues

I’m trying to use an if activity to click on a task in Microsoft Planner and then manipulate the task but I want it to skip to opening the next task if the selector for the first is not found. What would I put in the Condition section of the If activity?


Try using “Find element Activity”
If the element found, you can click on the task, otherwise not


Currently my bot reads a task name off an Excel list, finds the task in MS Planner and opens it, then inputs a due date and assigns the task to a person before closing the task and looking for the next one on the excel list. I want to put in error handling so if the task cannot be found it moves on to look for the next one and ignores assigning due dates and people to the task it could not find. My selector for the click activity to open the task is dynamic. Would the find element activity still work here?

I think it will work,
You can try using wild cards for selectors, to make it more reliable.

You need to try it once, to check if any issue didn’t come.

If i use a find element activity and then the if activity to say if the element was found do this, if not do that, what would i put in the condition section of the if statement?

The output of Find element Activity will contain the value fetched from the MS Planner, so you can compare it with the value you are searching, If it matches, it will go in the true side, otherwise false.