Use proxy in attented bot

I want to use proxy server in my workflow how can i set up this without orchestrator. and i want that every time user login to website it changes its ip address.

Hi @praveen5

try this block

Follow this steps @praveen5

1.Install a Proxy Service:

  • You’ll need a proxy service that provides rotating IP addresses. There are various paid and free proxy services available online. Some popular options include Luminati, Smartproxy, and ScraperAPI. Make sure to choose a service that supports rotating or residential IPs.

2.Get the Proxy Details:**

  • After signing up with a proxy service, you’ll receive details like the proxy server IP, port, username, and password. Make sure to note down these details.

3. Set Up Proxy in UiPath:
a. Add an HTTP Request activity to your workflow.
b. In the Properties panel, go to the “Input” section, and set the following properties:

  • EndPoint: Set the URL of the website you want to scrape.
  • Method: Choose the appropriate HTTP method (e.g., GET or POST).
  • Headers: Add any necessary headers for your web request.

4.Rotate IP Addresses:**

  • To rotate IP addresses, you may need to reconfigure the proxy settings and make multiple requests with different proxy credentials. This can be achieved by using a loop or sequence in your workflow, where you switch to a new proxy for each request.

5. Test and Monitor:

  • Test your workflow thoroughly to ensure that it rotates IP addresses correctly and that you’re able to scrape the website as intended. Monitor your proxy usage to stay within the limits set by your proxy service.


May I know why you want to change the ip always?


if i use the website and made the request multiple times it will block the ip. so every time i login with user id and password it will chnage the ip address so that it will not block.

how can i set proxy in firefox so that every time i open the browser it will sent another ip that will also be helpful for me. and it should be indian ip.