How to Use Fiddler as a Proxy for the Robot Service to Collect Information

How to use Fiddler as a proxy for the Robot Service to collect information?

In order to troubleshoot specific issues , there is a need to identify what exactly is sent by the Robot service as transactions to Orchestrator. To view these we must use Fiddler as a proxy between the Robot Service and Orchestrator.

Follow the below steps below to configure and track the transactions 

  1. Browse for the UiPath.Service.Host.exe.config in C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio

  2. Uncomment the <!--Proxy configuration--> section and add the localhost as a proxy



  3. Save 

  4. Services.msc > Restart Robot Service

  5. Download and install Fiddler from here 

  6. Open Fiddler

  7. Tools > Options

  8. Set the HTTPS tab to the following configuration

  9. Set the Connections Tab to the following configuration

  10. Restart Fiddler

  11. Open the Robot Tray and wait for a connection.

  12. Once it is connected, transactions  can be seen (Heartbeats, SignalR etc.)

  13. To save, go to File > Save > All Sessions and save it as  .saz