Use Outlook 365 - doesnt connect once deployed to VM

I have an outlook 365 account connected via integration services and the connection is green. I’ve added a ‘Use Outlook 365’ module to a project and it works locally. The account is even pre-populated as ‘default.’ However, once the project is published, I get the following error when it fires off the email:
Error_Email_Outlook.xaml - Invoke Workflow File: Connection [] is invalid or you do not have access to it

Are you login in to server with same credentials as outlook?


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Instead of default click the drop down and select the connection or create a new connection and use that. If integration service is used and connected ideally you should be able to see the configured connection in the dropdown menu


I’ve re-added the same credential and still get the issue - the ID of numbers is the same as what I get locally for the connection and it works there. Double checked that the account is in integration service for outlook 365 - both legacy and modern connection. Going to try on a different VM and see if its something to do with the environment… appreciate the feedback!

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Let us know your findings. All the best

Resolved in the latest studio update - issue was connection was setup by another user in orchestrator but prior to the latest release these were not shared. Thanks!