Tutorial - To send an outlook 365 email from UiPath Apps

  1. Create an Integration service
  2. Integration service → Add Connection
  3. To send an email select Microsoft outlook 365 connector
  4. Use a valid AAD account for connection
  5. Once connection created successfully below screen will popup under connections section
  6. Add connections to UiPath Apps
  7. In Connection section select the valid connector and add it.
  8. Upon successful connection add to app you will see connection as below
  9. Add the rules to send an email into Apps
  10. Add a button on app to send email (this can be changes based on requirements)
  11. Select Microsoft outlook 365 rule → Send the message specified int the request body using either json
  12. Ignore the (*) mark field internet message header if you don’t want. This is marked as required but its not required.
  13. Add message click on (+) icon
  14. Add body , subject and recipients , ccRecipients is not required.
  15. Add email till the last node as below

    I have enabled the above rules and configuration for Apps and tested it and this is working. Please find the email output as below.

Happy automation !!!