Use of selector in for locating particular link and clicking it

Hi. I want to locate particular link(say ‘mygeodata’) from a website. Please refer to the SS below

But as more of the link is added its position might differ. How can i automate this process to select the required link and click it.


Do not use Table Col or Table row in the Selector attributes in this case.
Go with aaname and ID

Do we need to use this selector in click activity ?

Can you share the selector you are using in Click activity?

Try getting the selector for 2 to 3 uielements in that table and then see what is changing means table col or tablerow attribute, based n that use a counter variable type int and perform the operation.
This should solve the problem.

Let us now if not, or share the selector screenshot will be easy to get more clear picture

Pavan H

This is a stable selector and would click on mygeodata.
If you want to click on other link, Use the click action again and identify that particular element with similar attributes. It should work fine

Here, ‘mygeodata’ is supposed to be a variable. I’m not sure how to do that.:thinking:

I’m sure what that meant.


change aaname in the selector like this: aaname=’ “+requiredName.toString+” ’

pass to requiredName variable to which ever you want click in that application.

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Thanks for this. And certainly the below post helped me accurately.

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