Clicking on row in table depending on column


I have a table on a webpage that i read in.

I loop through the table using foreach row and i want to get the row what contains certain text in colum 2. I then need to click on the link that is in column 6 of this row.

I tried with dynamic selectors but unsure is datarow variable can be used in a selector. How else can i do this?

we can use row idx within selector (e.g. idx, RowNo info…)
working with a combination of anchor and dynamic selector


just use the url within the selector or within a navigateTo Actvivity

Hi @fflattery
if the data scarapping is possible

scrap the text and corresponding url

then do the datatable manipulations and then click on link

it would be best approach which i would suggest


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Can you do this when only a hyperlink is visible?

Not able to view the workflow in your description. Could you send it again?

it was a link not a xaml. Can you open the provided Link?

Sorry i meant the xaml within the link

ClickButton_AnchorByVariable_SameRow.xaml (9.2 KB)

try it with following dependencies:

and will get something similar:

with Click selector: