Use Of Dictionary In Excel Sheet

How to get the value from a Excel Sheet through Dictionary in new Sheet

For Example In Given Excel file i have 100 rows , If i want only 30 rows or 55 rows in another sheet through Dictionary

Or their is a Column Rating If i need 4.3 or Greater value through Dictionary
How we get it
Books List.xlsx (18.2 KB)


Can you share expected output? Do you need them from “Output” sheet?


Hi @Krishan_Rapswal ,

The mentioned requirement seems like you want to have a Dynamic condition placed in an Excel sheet, and the Bot should understand the condition and do the required.

Even for these cases, we would need to fix what are the different conditions that we would need to perform and then create a Config file as required so that the Bot could adapt to it. We cannot make the Bot do dynamic conditions like Once the Filtering to be done, next Bot should do Updation.

Something like the below :

Here, we can make the Bot fetch the below data and work accordingly with the assumed conditions that the Filtering should be done where the rows have the Rating column greater than 4.3 and Fetch only first 30 rows.

Whatever I want From Output Of My Excel i get in a new Sheet

For Example :- If i want 4.3 or More than 4.3 Rating Author Details so i get in ALL Author Details in New Sheet (Using Dictionary)